What to do when movers are late?

Following the deadlines and planes while moving is important because there is a lot to do and time is not infinite. There are more than a few steps to do when moving, like packing or getting service for packing, moving out, getting to the new place, unpacking. Moving out might be obligatory in a timeline sense because new residents are supposed to enter the apartment at some point. It can be very uncomfortable if they get to the apartment and you are still there since they have timelines of their own. This is one of the reasons that it can be quite a problem when movers are late.

Movers are late or you are being robbed?

There are two scenarios:

  • Movers are late to pick your stuff up
  • Being late to deliver them

The first case is not that bad, movers are late ant that is it. It’s not good, but at least you know where your belongings are. The second case can be really bad if it turns out to be a moving fraud. You are probably panicking and trying to figure out what to do. There are steps to follow in both cases.

A graphic of a moving truck
The movers might are late and you are wondering what to do

Prepare before something happens

Before hiring a moving company, there are questions to ask the moving company before hiring them.  Make sure you call them. There are really important questions like Will they transfer your belongings from one truck to another since they could be damaged this way? Who is responsible if something goes missing? Other than this, make sure you hire recommended moving company, or at least the one you heard about before.

a woman call the moving company
Call the moving company and ask the right questions

Calm down, stress won’t help

The worst thing to do right now is to panic. The movers are late, your stuff might also be late, but the panic will just make you unable to take the proper action. Hopefully, you did your homework and got the moving insurance. If you did, the good news is that you are just running late.

Take a look at the contract with the moving company

Maybe you are wrong. Take a look at the contract and see if you remembered the agreed time correctly. Maybe there was the time frame of a couple of hours, and they are just taking their time. It is their right, after all. Never mind if you are moving across the street or across the state. There are things to expect from the moving company, like being there on time, and that is ok, but if you signed this contract, you agreed to wait. Make sure you didn’t confuse these numbers before taking the next step.

movers are late - man signing a contract
If movers are late, take a look at the contract

Wait a bit

In a big place like Boca Ration, Boca Ration movers could be late because of traffic or other unexpected events. Do not panic if they are not at your house the minute the contract says. Wait for some period of time, hour or two, if you can, and they will probably show up. If they do, make sure to let them know that this kind of delay is not ok with you, so it would be good to pick up the pace.

Call the moving company

If you waited and nobody showed up for a couple of hours, you should contact the moving company. In the meantime, make sure everything is done according to the list, boxes are sealed, labeled and ready to go. If somebody answers, demand to know when will the movers be at your address.  Do not let them get away with answers that are not exact. You must know the exact time of their arrival so you can go on with your plans. Once you found out how much longer will it take, try to use that time wisely, to rest or maybe prepare your home for the arrival of your stuff.

Let them know that you are not happy with the fact that movers are late

Do not let them think you are ok with the moving company being late. If you say everything is fine, they might take even more time. Tell them that you are not satisfied with their service.

man yelling at a phone
Movers are late? Make sure they know you are not happy

If you can’t reach them, we got some bad news

You can’t reach the moving company for quite a while? We got some bad news. You just might be a victim of moving fraud. If you think this might be the case, make sure you inform the authorities and give them as much information about the alleged movers as you can. Contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and report the moving company. There might still be a chance that they get ahold of your belongings. If it turns out you really got robbed of your belongings, try to stay as positive as possible, these kinds of things sometimes just happen and it is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

Go on with the move

This is a possibility only if you still own your belongings. In this case, try to book another moving company. There are companies that will help you with the last-minute move. Make sure you picked a well-known company this time and get the insurance. This red flag should not go unnoticed, so make sure you know how to assure the safety of your staff.

Leave a review

You know how stressful this experience was and you don’t want others to feel the same? Make sure you leave a review and let others know that the company is careless when it comes to customers requests. If you got robbed, it’s even more important to warn the others about the fraud company, so they don’t have to go through it.

movers are late - a girl looking at a phone
Leave a review saying that movers are late or you got robbed

Moving can be stressful in many ways so make sure you did everything you could in order to protect your belongings while moving. Get the insurance, read the contract carefully, more than once if you need, but make sure you are ok with all parts of the arrangement. If something still goes wrong, make sure you stay calm and contact authorities regarding your case. And remember, even if you were robbed, it’s not the worst thing that can happen to you.

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