What do Floridians miss after moving to California?

Considering moving from Florida to California? Are you ready to change the balmy beaches of Florida for the laid-back California coast? Even if both states are magical, there are many differences between them. Since long-distance relocation is what you will need to get through, you will need to prepare well. Today we will help you prepare for moving from Florida to California by using simple tips. As we know what it is like to be in your shoes, we will make sure to ease up your upcoming transition. Although California is a welcoming state you will like, there are some things you will miss after you leave Florida. So, we will remind you of things Floridians miss after moving to California. Even if it may need to take some time to get used to the California lifestyle, for sure you will adjust faster than you think you will do.

Prepare to leave Florida

Whether it is easy for you to change you surrounding or you will rather stay within the same state as long as you can, this is not going to be an easy step for you. In case you are living in Florida your entire life, you will need to prepare mentally for this huge step in your life. Although there is a lot of job in front of this big transition, you will need to find time to prepare to change your life completely.

Wondering what places do Floridians miss after moving to California?
The Florida Keys is one of the places that Floridians miss after moving to California.

For many people moving from one state to another doesn’t have such huge meaning. However, it is normal if you are feeling excited, worried, frightened, and even terrified. Wake up far away from our old home without an option to get back is not easy. Our City Movers want to support you and let you know you are not alone. So many people were getting through this, so you will make it, too. Although you may mist some things Floridians miss after moving to California, you will find your way to overcome it. But what is the thing that will help you the best to prepare for the move? It is a well-organized moving process.

Take into consideration all the things Floridians miss after moving to California as you plan

No matter how complex your move is when you have a good plan how to conduct it, everything gets easier. For that reason, you should not underestimate the importance of planning for your move. But even before you start considering Miami moving services you will need to find your new home. Right after you start looking for a new home in California, you will realize that housing options there are the least 20% higher than in Florida. So, one of the things that Floridians miss after moving to California is the more affordable costs of renting. Unluckily, compared to Sunshine State, California has much higher costs of living. So, you will need to be prepared you will need to pay more to live, study, eat.

Another thing you should know before moving to California is the income taxes you will need to pay, unlikely to Florida. So, before you appoint residential moving services, make sure to prepare your budget for upcoming expenses. Definitely, you will miss zero income taxes in Florida comparing to the California tax rate that ranges from 1% all the way up to 12.3%. Maybe you did not know, but we are talking about the highest income tax percentage of any state in the country.

Person holds wallet
You should expect a lower salary because of income taxes.

There is no doubt, a higher salary is what do Floridians miss after relocation to California. Recent statistics say that living in Los Angeles comparing to Miami is almost 25% more expensive. In case you move from Tampa to San Diego, believe it or not, you can expect 58% higher costs of living.

It will not be so hard to feel in love with California

Although moving to California requires planning your budget, this state has so many advantages. Therefore, let’s look at moving to CA from the other side. Although California will be known for high costs of living, here you can find many great job opportunities. If you have a job in CA, there is nothing to worry about. Even if you are planning to hire our commercial movers and expand your business to California, you will not regret it. But perfect job opportunities are not the only thing you will love about California. Even if you are used to living in Florida, California has so much to offer to its residents. You will not miss palm trees, amazing beaches, and being surrounded by water. All these things you will find in California. Still, below you will find some of the things many Floridians miss after moving to California.

A few more things Floridians miss after moving to California

If you are moving with your family, you may miss unforgettable weekends in Disney World. However, the world-renown Venice beach in California offers plenty of activities. Here you can enjoy walking, jogging, calisthenics, skateboarding and more. Nevertheless, you may miss the terrific Florida Keys. Once you move out, for many of you there would not be anything as fun and interesting as the Florida Keys. When it comes to food, for sure you will miss delicious Cuban sandwiches. Also, Key lime pie is one of the specialties Florida is known for, and it is hard to enjoy this taste once you leave Sunshine State. If you love fishing, you will miss world-class fishing in Florida. For all night-life lovers, Florida is a hot tub with a plethora of clubs, discoteca, and bars. Although it is easy to find excellent clubs in CA, many Floridians miss Florida nightlife after they move.

Disney World Orlando
You might miss weekends in Florida.

In conclusion

Whether you are moving to California for a family, job or any other reason, for sure you will miss Florida. Besides all the common things Floridians miss after moving to California, give yourself a chance to meet your new state. We know some things and places you keep in your heart are irreplaceable. Nevertheless, try to enjoy time after moving by discovering new surroundings.

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