Renting and buying Hallandale Beach compared

Florida has become one of the most popular destinations to move to precisely because of the housing prices. So, if you are one of the people who want to become a homeowner, don’t hesitate to hire the best movers in Florida. When you compare renting and buying Hallandale Beach, you will find that Hallandale Beach’s housing expenses are 10% lower than the national average. In addition, the utility prices are 1% lower than the national average. Therefore, although the rest of the parameters for quality of life is not so ideal, housing is pretty much solid in this area. Hallandale Beach has great nightlife, a beautiful beach, and kind people. The community vibe here is very strong. With a booming population and mix of free spirit and family vibe, you’ll be enjoying the returns on your investment for years to come if you plan to invest in real estate here.

Let’s compare renting and buying Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach has rich nightlife, but it also offers you a touch of peace and calmness. Therefore, let’s compare renting vs buying so that you can enjoy the tranquility as faster as you can. Moving services Hallandale Beach FL will help you with the logistics, but you need to make up your mind about some important stuff first. Hallandale Beach, in particular, has its share of new luxury residential buildings. There are also multiple renovated parks. Because of the pandemic, South Florida’s outdoorsy lifestyle has become attractive to a lot of people. Here are some criteria on renting and buying:

  • renting is better if you aren’t staying long
  • buying is better if you are staying long term
  • family moving in is a factor
  • quality of life makes a difference
A house toy and a key
Renting and buying Hallandale Beach can be both good options. It depends on your lifestyle.

When we compare renting and buying Hallandale Beach, renting is better if you don’t stay long

The thing is that a lot of it has changed over the years. Buying and renting used to be almost equal. However, nowadays, buying a house in this area is actually cheaper. However, buying a house would not be that good of a decision if you don’t plan to stay long. In addition, renting is still very practical and not so expensive. Also, whether you choose to rent or buy if you decide to move local movers Hallandale Beach is here for you. Although rent is a bit above the national average with around 1200 $ per month, it can still be affordable when compared with some other States. In addition, there are some great jobs here, so you will not even feel it if you stay for a shorter amount of time.

Buying is better if you are staying long-term

Florida has become the dreamiest State these days. It happened partly due to pandemics in the sense that there are a lot of open spaces mixed with great quality of life. Therefore, most people who move here come exclusively to stay until the end. A lot of people have been recently retiring here and a lot of great families also. However, don’t let this quiet community deceives you. Hallandale beach is vivid, vibrant, and a lot of young professionals are coming here. Residential movers Hallandale Beach will help you with your moving process whether you are 75, 27, an item, or rocking solo. Feel free to hire them and they will indeed make the process easier for you. The average value of a home here is around 215000$ which is actually around 2000$ cheaper than the national average.

A luxury house with a pool
There are a lot of affordable luxury houses in Hallandale Beach.

Family moving in

Basically, what you can notice first about renting vs buying in Hallandale Beach is that the relationship between these two is almost equal. 51% of people own their homes, while 49% are renting. The thing is, neither of these 2 options is bad for your wallet. However, if you are moving in with your family and plan to spend the rest of your life in Florida, buying is a better option because of a lot of reasons. First, it is urban, yet homelike enough. In addition, there is a beach that gives you a feeling of peace. According to statistics, quality of life is getting better and the job market is booming.  That is why moving in with your family to Hallandale Beach is one of the best moves you will make in your life. Crime rates are decreasing, multiculturalism is at its peak, and public schools are America’s finest.

Quality of life

Maybe the quality of life criteria is not directly linked to the rent or buy choice. However, it can help you choose a side depending on your needs at the moment. If you are retiring don’t worry, tons of retirees are moving to Hallandale Beach on a daily basis. The main reason is actually the affordability of homes around here. The majority of your neighbors will be well educated. Even if you are retired, your life does not have to stop and if you opt for buying a home in Hallandale Beach it definitely won’t. There are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops and of course, walking by the beach is always a great decision. In addition, The Hallandale Beach sales tax rate is 0% and the average Effective Property Tax Rate is 1.07, which is pretty awesome you must agree.

A woman and a child on the beach
Hallandale Beach has one of the greatest beaches in Florida.

Hallandale’s transformation in the last five years from being a nothing-is-happening spot to an amazingly vibrant one is attracting people here. Moreover, it is not just attracting them to come, but to come, buy, and stay here. You can ask any real estate agent and they will all tell you the same thing. South Florida is on the top of the list of most families who are exploring their moving to Florida experiment. When you compare it with other locations in South Florida, buyers can expect to pay $700 a square foot. In Miami Beach, that number is almost double.

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