Reasons to leave Hollywood and move to Kendall

Are you ready to leave Hollywood and move to Kendall this summer? It’s not easy to say goodbye to Hollywood’s many charms and replacing them someplace unknown. However, Kendall might be the place worth leaving Hollywood for good. Luckily for you, move from Hollywood to Kendall is not a long-distance one as it’s under a one-hour ride. But you should still prepare your move, hire City Movers, and finish other duties you have. You should start preparing for the move in advance, so you have enough time to pack everything until the moving date. Living in Kendall comes with many advantages and opportunities. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about moving to Kendall and wondering if you made a huge mistake. You can relax and enjoy your move to a beautiful place called Kendall. 

How to prepare for your move when you need to leave Hollywood and move to Kendall? 

Every move preparation has a couple of important steps. First, you need to choose your moving date. You must be smart when choosing a moving date. If you are planning to move in the summer, you will have to book movers Hollywood FL six or eight weeks in advance. Furthermore, the summer is the busiest time of the year for movers and they are usually booked to maximum capacity. Also, you need to set your moving budget and decide what kind of service you need from movers. 

In addition to this, after you book your Kendall movers FL, decide on the moving date and budget, it’s time for moving preparation to begin. You need to organize your belongings, see what you will take and what will be decluttered. 

cars driving next to the street
Moving to Kendall is a good decision

Is Kendall a good place for living? 

Kendall is a town located in Florida with a population of 75, 000. It’s often described as the best place to live in Florida. The real advantage of Kendall is an urban style of life in a suburban area. The climate in Kendall is similar to the rest of Florida cities with high summer temperatures and slightly cooler nights in the winter months. You will have great weather while you are discovering your new neighborhood.  Therefore, some useful information about Kendall is the following. 

  • The median home price is $380,000 
  • Median rent is $1,500 
  • 62% of residents own a home 
  • The median household income is $74,000 

In addition to this, the only real downside of living in Kendall is the traffic. The traffic jams are often seen in pictures on Kendall streets and it’s something you will have to get used to. You won’t be able to avoid them but you can use hacks for surviving traffic jams. 

buildings in the distance
There are many things to do in Kendall

What kind of entertainment is Kendall know for? 

Kendall is actually a Miami suburb and you can all kinds of entertainment from shopping, dining, bars, hotels, etc. Also, Kendall has one of the best shopping malls in the Miami area that is Dadeland Mall. Furthermore, you can also play golf at affordable golf courses, take a ride on a roller rink, or try ice skating for the first time in your life. As you can see there are many reasons to leave Hollywood and move to Kendall this year. 

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