Moving your book collection: tips and tricks

When you love reading, your home library is one of your most valuable possessions. Whether it’s just a budding venture comprised of several overfull shelves or a separate room fully dedicated to the hobby, your book collection holds a special place in your heart. And when you’re relocating, leaving it behind is out of the question. But how do you move all those precious books the right way? Are good movers FL a must or can you do it yourself? And how do you ensure that everything, including your back, relocates in pristine condition? You will find the answers to those and other questions regarding moving your book collection in this text. By the end of it, we promise you’ll know exactly what to do when moving your books!

First things first: get the tissues out because you will need to get rid of some of your paper children!

We know you don’t want to give up any of your favorite reads. Just because you haven’t read one of your books in the last 5 years doesn’t mean you won’t want to revisit it sometime in the future. And those book series that you have multiple copies of, well, they’re all different editions so they don’t count, right? But when you’re moving your book collection, some of them will almost certainly have to go. Even if they don’t have to, they probably should. Trust us, your relocation will be much easier when it’s a few pounds of books lighter! So donate to your local library, nursing home, school or Goodwill store and spread the joy of reading with those less fortunate.

Person reading.
By donating your books, you ensure somebody else discovers and falls in love with your favorites too!

Make sure to use the right boxes when moving your book collection

One of the best things about professional packing services FL is that you yourself don’t have to think much about packing and how to do it right. So it may not have occurred to you to consider what kind of boxes are suitable for the packing of a large number of books. Contrary to your first instinct to just get the biggest possible boxes for your big collection, you should go for small boxes or boxes specially made for books. Remember, books are heavy – even a small amount can be too heavy to lift.

Don’t forget to prepare the boxes too

Precisely because books are so heavy, your moving boxes will need some preparation before you can use them to move your library. Use high-quality tape to reinforce the boxes so they will withstand the weight of the books. You absolutely must seal the bottom with at least two layers of tape. We would strongly recommend strengthening the edges and corners as well!

Take good care of high-value books when moving your book collection

Although you love all your books, the truth is that some are more valuable than others. This may be a question of pure monetary value if you own a first edition or a signed copy. Or it could all be about sentimentality. Either way, some books need that little extra attention. Stiff cardboard between volumes will protect the spines and covers while packing paper will protect the books from dust and debris. If your book collection rivals an actual library and has many high-value books that need to be packed more carefully, you may want to consider hiring commercial movers FL instead of doing it yourself. It makes your life easier and it ensures all your books get the attention they deserve!

A stack of old hardcovers.
Old and valuable books must be protected during the move.

Long-term storage of books will require extra preparations

While they often fall under the same category, moving and storage are very different from where your books are concerned. In comparison to a move, storage is much more long-term and potentially riskier. Mold is a frequent problem with storage and it can be absolutely deadly for books. So if you’re planning on storing your book collection, especially for a longer period of time, make sure to pack your books properly. Use packing paper between pages and around books to protect them from moisture, invest in some good, waterproof boxes like plastic storage bins and keep them off the ground in case of a flood. Above all, make sure you get the best storage FL with clean, dry, ventilated and climate-controlled units.

Be smart with the packing and labeling when moving your book collection

Organizing your bookshelves once was hard enough. So you don’t want to have to do it again even when you’re moving your book collection. Instead, pack your books according to which shelf they were on. And don’t forget to label the boxes as well. That way you can just put everything back in the same order when you’re unpacking in your new home.

Bookshelves with books.
Clear out your bookshelves early on to make furniture moving easier.

Pack and unpack your bookshelves early when moving your book collection – get the books out of the way

Books are probably not going to be the very first thing you pack or unpack. But they should be part of the packing and unpacking early on. When you’re preparing for a move, packing the books early will free up a lot of space. It will also make dismantling the furniture easier. When you’re unpacking, you’ll be able to free up boxes and put them away instead of constantly tripping over heavy stacks of books that are always in the way. Finally, don’t forget to leave a book or two out of the box! You don’t want to end up buying some cheesy paperback at a gas station on your way to your new home when you could be reading your favorite classic instead.

If all else fails, get help!

As you can see, moving your book collection can be made simple and done without professional help. But in some cases, contacting professional movers may still be the better option. If your home library is particularly big, for example, you should probably leave it to the professionals. If you are lucky enough to possess very valuable books, then someone who knows what they’re doing is the best choice. And of course, if you yourself decide you’re not up to the task of relocating your home library safely, professional movers are always an option. So don’t panic! In case you realize you can’t do it yourself, help can be on the way with a simple phone call.

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