Moving with pets made easy 

So, the time has come to move to a new home and you are now getting ready to start planning your move. Getting to the point where you can move to a new home should always be a joyous occasion. There are many reasons why we move, but the result is always the same – A new chapter begins. No matter whether you are moving from Florida to California, or from one side of your hometown to another, there is always a lot to think about. You have to hire a moving company to help you with your belongings, for instance. Then you have to choose a moving date while taking into consideration all of the segments in your life. You also have to plan your packing schedule etc. With so many things to do, when you are also moving with pets, you must be patient.

Moving with pets can be simple if you are careful

Let us begin by saying that this is not such a huge problem as it may appear at first glance. People travel with their pets all the time. Moving with them is just one more version of it. There is no need to stress too much over how you can pull this off. We have prepared a list of things that you can do to make it all easier for you and your pets. The key lies in planning your move in an effective way. If you do this diligently, there will be nothing to worry about. Your pets will barely even feel the moving process and once they get to your new home, they will forget about it much quicker than you. So, without further ado, let us begin with our list.

The psychological aspect is crucial when moving with pets

As is the case with all living beings, humans like their routine. We are creatures of habit and we like having our rhythm of life uninterrupted. When the time comes to move to a new home, then that rhythm has to change. Having the rhythm change due to external factors is usually what causes al that potential moving stress. The same goes for our pets. Animals that we have in our home and that become part of our family also adapt and learn how to fit in with the life of our households. This is literally the only way living with someone can work. This is true for humans and animals. So, when the time comes that we have to move along with our petsit is important to understand where the potential problems lay.

When moving with pets, keeping their routine is really important
Maintain their routine as much as possible

Since they do not know what is exactly happening, moving represents a sudden disturbance of their entire world. This gets even bigger when you think about it from their perspective. Some pets never leave their homes (cats, birds, hamsters, etc), and some do so under more or less strict conditions (usually dogs). So, when you starting packing your belongings and there is suddenly a lot of boxes in the apartment, they can get quite anxious and confused. For us, breaking our routine, while it can be stressful depending on the situation, is still not as big of a deal as it is for our pets. Thus, what you need to do is to maintain that routine as much as possible when preparing for moving with pets.

How to do this?

As we have mentioned earlier, planning is really important when it comes to moving. When you do make that moving plan, you do not only make that plan for yourself. It relates to everyone involved in the move whether it is the family members that you share your home with, friends or relatives that will help you with the move, the movers Wilton Manors Florida you have hired, or your pets.

photo of man hugging tan dog
Show love to your pets even more while the move lasts

In order to help them deal with the move, you have to start by leaving room in your schedule every day for spending time with them. We are their entire world, and our little is a lot for them. Leave some time for going for a walk with your dog, or to cuddle with your cat. If you do not have enough time during the key days, make it by getting up earlier. Keeping to their routine will help your pets deal with the move in a much calmer way.

Enable them to feel safe and have their peace

Depending on the composition of your home, your pets can have their own corner set up in countless ways. As the moving process goes on, they will need their peace more than ever. What you should do is to keep their space intact for as long as possible. If they have their bed and their toys in one corner of your living room, keep them there. Pack around their area for as long as possible. When the time comes that you have to move them, move them a part of the house that you have already prepared for the move. Make sure that they have their toys and consider buying anti-anxiety aids.

red Kong bone figure on teal surface
Buy your pets some new toys to distract them from the move

They will require special attention during the moving day

Whether you are moving locally or over a longer distance, your pets will need special attention when the moving day comes. What you can do, if you are moving somewhere close, is to find them a place to stay over while the move is over. For instance, leaving them at your parent’s or best friend’s home can be just the thing they need.

On the other hand, if you are moving somewhere far away, then you should pay special attention to them throughout the move. If you are not moving alone, as you are moving with pets one of you can take upon themselves the specific role of taking care of the pets. If you have a family, then perhaps your oldest child can take care of the pet throughout the move. This would give them a person to hold on to and would make it so much easier for them.

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