Items That Require Climate Controlled Storage

When you are about to transport items that require special care, you need to know everything there is about it. And if you do not know anything about the items that require climate controlled storage, then this is the right article for you!

What are some items that require climate controlled storage?

When it comes to these types of items you need to more about them! They come in various shapes and sizes and they can be found everywhere. Now, in order to figure out what they are, you should start by figuring out what items you are storing! Some of them are:

  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • Plants
  • Hazardous materials that require special kind of storage units
  • Wood
wooden garden furniture as one of the items that require climate controlled storage units
Wooden furniture is one of the items that require climate controlled storage units

These are just some of the basic things you need to keep under a climate controlled storage unit! Once you figure out what you are storing it will be easy to locate and rent storage Boca Raton that suits your needs!

Think about the proper packing materials

If you have figured out what you are storing in the storage unit, it is very important to know what packing materials to use when it comes to those items. For instance, if you are storing wood that you will later on use to make something, you will need to have a constant flow of fresh air. And wood is one of the items that require climate controlled storage because it will prevent the mold from happening. And one of the number one enemies of any wood is mold. So, in order to better prepare your items for the climate controlled storage unit, do a little research and find out how to properly pack them!

mold on the wall
Mold can seriously damage your items

Just after that, you can call your Boca Raton movers and they can help you relocate those items safely and with enough protection! Because movers can also have climate controlled trucks so they can transport your items with ease!

Items made out of wood

There are a lot of items in this criteria, but they all fall down under the same category! Wooden items need to have a good climate controlled storage units in order to prevent any possible damages. Also, Units should absolutely be fireproof, in case any fire happens in the storage unit. Although it is rather rare to happen, you should never take those risks. Also, there are wood preservation techniques that you should know more about. Because they are very important if you wish to take care of your items.

Wooden instruments are among items that require climate controlled storage too

Just like wooden furniture, the instruments are also one of the items that require climate controlled storage units! And don’t think that because they are in cases, they are protected. No, you need to take an extra step. Use large cotton sheets or smaller ones, depending on the sizes of instruments, to wrap around them. This will protect them from all the possible moisture in the air. Also, do not stockpile them on top of each other. That will surely damage them after a certain amount of time has passed.

Artwork and other art pieces

Just like with the wooden instruments, the artwork is also one of the items that require climate controlled storage units! And depending on what type of artwork you are dealing with, you will have to keep the humidity and the temperature on a certain level! Now, unlike other items, the artwork also requires to be packed in the special kind of cases. You can always get these cases from either the storage company or go directly to the art gallery and ask them where they get theirs. Also, you can ask them if they can give you or sell you their spare ones. This is a perfect opportunity to find cases you can use to pack and store your artwork in the storage unit.

image of a painted lighthouse
Artwork requires a special kind of care and preparation

Now, when you are about to store your artwork in the storage unit, you have to have in mind that you are dealing with very expensive items. ANd that you just can’t pack your storage unit any way you want. It is a good idea to know more about the ways to organize the storage unit before you begin storing your artwork there!

Food is one of the items that require climate controlled storage

When it comes to food, you should really think about specialized storage units. And we are not only talking about storages that have good AC units. We mean full climate control in the storage units! Just be sure to know what type of food you are about to store. For instance, while fruit and vegetables require low temperatures items like meat and dairy products will require freezers. Also, some plants and food will require not only prevention from mold and humidity, but they are often kept in short term storage units. If they stay there for too long they will go bad and ruin the whole stock. Not to mention attract pests that can be really hard to get rid of!


These are just some of the basic items that require climate controlled storage! And every category here has its own subcategory that goes on and on. And because of this, you must expand your research about the items you are about to store in the storage unit. Also, have in mind that you have to find not only a climate controlled storage units but clean and safe ones as well! These basic examples are here to give you a wider picture of what you need to expect when searching for such storage units! We hope our article gave you enough information on this subject!

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