Is it better to live in a cold or warm climate?

A hot and sunny beach may sound nice, but to many, gorgeous snow-covered mountains are more attractive. This is why it’s not easy to definitively say if it’s better to live in a cold or warm climate. Deciding where to live has a lot to do with finances, personal taste, and where you would like to see yourself in the next few years. Unfortunately, there isn’t a right or wrong answer for where to live. Instead, here are the benefits of warm and cold climate living to help you make the choice that suits you better! Of course, City Movers prefer the sun and warmth of Florida. But you may decide differently.

Is it better to live in a cold or warm climate? That depends!

Different people like different things. Climate is a reality that people really can’t avoid living with. Interstate moving companies Florida often have to adjust to different conditions while working. For this reason, we believe that people must embrace the weather in their respective areas or territories. A lot of people who live in warm climates are going to claim to enjoy it and vice versa. People benefit from the weather in a lot of ways.

People benefit from the weather in a lot of ways so it depends from person to person whether they would like to live in a cold or warm climate.

The benefits of a warm climate

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is great because it can prevent cancer, improve your bone health and it also gives you more energy. And how can you get more Vitamin D? With sunlight exposure! Even though this vitamin is extremely important, Central Washington University’s researchers said that over 77% of people aren’t getting enough vitamin D because of a lack of sunlight. This alone should be a good reason to think about moving to a state with a warmer climate.

Your mood is better in the hot weather

A healthy lifestyle is crucial to a person’s attitude which is better in a warm climate. Some people may get moody in colder weather, instead of warm weather. For example, people who live in cold climates look upon a trip somewhere warm in the winter months to make their mood better. According to the University of Michigan research, there is a positive impact on mental health when the sun is out for lots of people. “Life is full of color and life is fun. That is easy to forget during the wintertime,” says Agent J. Keller from the University of Michigan. For that reason, warm weather has a positive impact on people’s attitudes and moods.

In addition to these benefits, there are some extra, and they include:

  • Time outdoors –  Warmer weather makes spending time outdoors way more appealing which increases the range of activities you can enjoy. Spending quality time in nature and being able to engage in outdoor activities can do wonders for our minds and body.
  • Happy chemicals – Spending time in the sun also has a good effect on our brain chemistry. More Serotonin is being produced, and stress hormones and melatonin reduce which positively impacts our mood.
  • Packing light – As a warmer climate usually requires less clothing to be warm, you can pack lighter and maybe save on your international removal costs

    silhouette of trees during golden hour
    The warm climate is great because it has a positive impact on your mood, and it also gives you lots of vitamin D.

The benefits of a cold climate

Cold weather can boost your brain

Colder temperatures can help you think more clearly. A study from 2017 from Stanford University found out that people carry out some cognitive tasks, such as decision making and staying calm, with more control when the thermostat goes down—essentially, they become calmer. Research has also shown that people are less disposed to tackle complicated tasks in the summer than in the winter—and for good reason. The brain needs glucose to function, but the body is using more of it when it’s hot to keep its temperature down, leaving less fuel for recall and reasoning.

Cold weather burns calories

When it’s cold, your body is working harder in order to maintain your core temperature, which usually sits at around 37°C. Stacy Tucker, a registered nurse, and co-founder of Almeda Labs in Kansas City explained that our bodies use a big amount of energy to keep us warm and to humidify the air we breathe when we are outside in the cold. Also, an American study from 2017 of 53 people showed that participants burned about 34 percent more calories while hiking when the temperature was between -5°C and -10°C, than they did while they were on hiking at 10°C days.

Cold weather prevent infections

Yes, you may fall victim to more viruses in the winter. But, studies have found that the immune system can be activated by more extreme temperatures, which improves our ability to stave off infections. That being said, the flu develops in cold, dry air. Plus, the time that you spend indoors, with others who are infected, can increase your chance of catching an illness. In order to reduce the risk, get your annual flu vaccine, wash your hands a lot and get outside.

Just like a warm climate offer extra benefits, cold climates also offer benefits. If you’re moving to Chicago from Florida, you should consider the cold climate.

  • Increased metabolism – When our body is colder it needs to work harder to maintain our core body temperature. As a result, our resting metabolic rate expands as we burn more calories at rest.
  • Community and connection – In colder climates, community and relationships are generally closer and more supportive. This explains why so many Nordic countries make up some of the world’s “happiest” places to live.
  • Improved skin – Without the jarring sun rays, our skin tends to be much healthier. Cooler temperatures constrain blood vessels in the skin which makes them less prone to swelling and redness.

    forest cold climate
    The cold climate offers lots of benefits such as boosting your brain, increased metabolism, and more.

Deciding whether you should live in a cold or warm climate

There you have it, folks. It’s up to you to decide whether you wanna live in a cold or warm climate, as both have their own benefits. If you decide to stay warm but need help with moving to Texas from Florida, contact us for help. And if you opt for moving to a colder place, give us a call for some tips on how to prepare.

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