How to store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale

We all love the holiday season. But, unfortunately, the holidays don’t last forever. At some point, they end. And you have to store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale in your home or in a storage unit. For sure, you can easily get help from City Movers. But keep in mind that it is not that difficult, and you will still be fine in doing it on your own. So there is nothing to worry about. This way you can also save your money for some bigger investment. Even though it might seem a little bit complicated at first, it is not. You just have to stick to your plan in order to succeed.

When you have to store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale, you should start with a good plan

As you already know, in addition, for this to be completely successful, you will need a plan. Even though it is easy to store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale, you will need one. Especially if you won’t take the help from local movers Fort Lauderdale has. The plan will guide you throughout the whole process, and it will help you stay on the right track. At the same time, it will be much less stressful to do your obligations. When you have everything written down, you know exactly what is your next step. So you can prepare yourself. And it is easier in your head. Take the time when you are making one. There is no need to rush at all.

Calendar, notes, and pens on the table.
Before you can rush to store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale, you will need a plan.

The plan when you need to store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale is more or less the same for everyone

For sure, you are your own creator of your plans. Not only for this one but in general too. Although, a lot of plans are more the less the same as some others. So you can get some ideas from other people. You can ask for residential movers Fort Lauderdale has. They are the professionals after all. Or, if you are not comfortable with this, get help from your friends or look up something online. Making a plan should be the main thing. You have to store your items until next year, and they have to stay the same.

The second thing that you have to do is get the proper moving supplies

A crucial part of every store is the packing process. And that process requires proper moving supplies Fort Lauderdale movers normally can provide you with. It is very important that you have everything that you will need on time. When you realize that something is missing in the middle of the packing process, it can frustrate you. Because of this, make sure that you write down in your plan that moving supplies are a must.

Normally, you won’t need that many supplies. It is important that you have boxes of different sizes. You can use cardboard boxes, and even used ones. Also, you will need a lot of bubble wraps, and zip ties. Maybe even a few pieces of styrofoam. And of course, styrofoam balls and old newspaper. Don’t forget to have some cleaning wipes or clothes in case your holiday decorations are dusty. You will have to clean them.

Duct tape and styrofoam pads in a cardboard box.
You will have to find moving and packing supplies.

Once you have everything you need, you can start with the preparations before you actually store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale

There is one more important step before you hop on to the packing itself. Since you are not using the moving services Fort Lauderdale movers can provide you with, it is important that you do each step on the way. We are talking here about storing things. And not for the short term, but for a longer one. The holiday season is once a year. So for almost a whole year, those decorations of yours will have to be either in storage or in the pantry at your home. And this means that all of those items need to be prepared.

Firstly, it would be best to separate each of them. For instance, in one pile put the ornaments for the Christmas tree only. In the other one place fragile figures. The third one can be for the lights and the last one for the wall decorations. This depends on the type of decorations that you own, of course. However, you shouldn’t mix them up. Also, make sure that you clean everything properly and you dry them.

Now, it is time for the packing and storing

The most important part of the storage is packing. And now, it is time to deal with the main part. When it comes to packing, it is not something that should worry you. In fact, it is quite easy once you decide in what box you will put what items. But, you will have to pay attention to something.

Fragile items are still fragile. And you can’t pack them without caution. Make sure that you carefully secure the box, and that you bubble wrap them. Some pieces of styrofoam make barriers, so the figures don’t crush themselves. Another useful tip is for the lights. Detangle them, and use zip ties to prevent tangilng until next year. It will be easier for the unpacking as well.

Chrtistmas tree decorations in a box.
Make sure that you separate everything to prevent things from getting tangled.

Make sure that all of the boxes are properly labeled

A lot of people make a common mistake when they are packing and storing something. And that is the labeling. When you store your holiday decorations in Fort Lauderdale until the next season, you must label all of the boxes. Find some colorful stickers online, and divide them into different categories. It will be easier not to mix the boxes and ornaments.

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