How to pack your IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale

Any type of relocating can be quite overwhelming. One of the hardest parts of the whole process is definitely packing. In particular, the packing of some very sensitive and fragile items. For example, you will spend less time packing clothes than wrapping up kitchen appliances or other electrical equipment. What we all lack regarding packing such items is, first of all, experience. Then, we usually do not have the right packing material. Finally, it can take a great deal of our time as we do not have the necessary speed. For this and many other reasons, the best advice is to hire a reputable moving company FL. If you fail to pack your IT items properly, these can easily get damaged during transport. Your entire business will suffer. Therefore, read how to pack your IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale.

office with furniture
Create an inventory list before you pack your IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale

Where to start?

People would say to start with packing as it is the most important part of the process. But you will need to do something else before the actual packing starts. That would mean to, first of all, make an inventory list of all your IT possessions. When you know what you possess, it is easier to check if moving services Fort Lauderdale delivered all your items safely. In addition, make sure to use this opportunity to check all your items work. Check all your items, computers, printers, scanners, and the rest if everything functions. Also, make a separate list of the items that will need repair. It would be very useful to repair these before packing so you do not waste time on repair after you reach Fort Lauderdale. Finally, create another list of the items that do not work, that are outdated, and which you cannot repair.

Measure your new office in Fort Lauderdale

It would be necessary to have the measures of your new office so you can prepare properly. Without this information, you basically do not know what to pack and the number of items you can fit in there. Ask the agent or the landlord to send you the drawing of the space. Ideally, it would be great if you could visit your new office prior to moving. Then call your local movers Fort Lauderdale to set up the moving date. Also, contact your employees and organize a meeting to keep them updated on the moving date and the procedure. The entire process would be more successful and much easier if you ask your employees to pack your IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale. Give them tasks to sort out all the information on your computers regarding business. Make sure that you store all the files before the packing starts.

a large office
Measure your new office

Pack your IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale

Once you set up a moving list, you can start thinking about packing. Earlier we mentioned that you should make a separate list of the IT items you will need to remove. In addition to that, you should put all the other office equipment on that pile. Then office movers Fort Lauderdale can take those away from your old office. In the meantime, you can obtain different kinds of packing materials and the fun can start. Together with your employees, set up a packing date so you can start at the same time. Among packing materials you should have cardboard boxes, bubble bags, scissors, duct tape, etc. Make sure to disconnect all the devices first. Detangle all the cables and also wrap them up. When wrapping them, also put the labels so you know exactly where each belongs.

a man trying to pack IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale
Hiring office movers is very productive for your business

Hire professional packers if needed

In most cases, when packing your office, no matter how many people you have to help you, there will be some items hard to pack. For example, packing desktop computers and large monitors can be pretty tricky. These items are large and heavy, but also very sensitive. Failing to pack them properly can cause damage. Your business will suffer delays if you do not have enough equipment. Moving supplies Fort Lauderdale together with your movers will be the best choice in this situation. Movers will do great packing work in the shortest period of time and your items will be really safe to go. You can book the full service meaning that your movers will take care both of packing and transport. Alternatively, you can deal with pap king smaller devices and office documents, while movers take care of fragile items.

How else can you make it easier to pack your IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale

When preparing your office for relocation, there are many things that you need to sort out. Apart from IT possession, there are many desks, chairs, office cabinets, and kitchen that have to reach your new office. Also, you cannot just leave the chipped furniture, computers, and other items that do not work any longer. You need to make sure to sort these items properly as well. Think about recycling IT equipment, as one of the best ways to get rid of old computers. This is one of the best ways to remove the items and to protect the environment at the same time. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste to dispose of. You can contact your local movers and ask them to get this equipment to the local recycling company. On the other hand, you can contact the company directly to remove the items.

Pack your IT equipment when moving office to Fort Lauderdale is not an easy job to do. It needs a lot of time, experience, and proper packing materials and techniques. Especially because you need to deal with very expensive items that are highly important for your work. The important part is to communicate with your employees and make them know every step of the relocation plan. Together you will sort things out quickly and more efficiently. Just make sure to start on time with preparations so you can start your new business on time in your new Fort Lauderdale office.

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