How To Pack To Make Unpacking Easier

So you’ve hired a professional Anaheim moving company and you are ready to take on the monumental task of moving to a new home. To make things easier for you and the movers, you should follow these steps to pack your things to make it easier to unpack them once you arrive. Not only will this lessen your stress, but it should also make settling into your new home and new routine much easier.

● Prepare your boxes right

Either you’ve been collecting boxes from the local groceries or your bought new moving boxes for this very purpose, you will want to make sure everything is sturdy to protect your things. Add some extra padding by placing newspapers on the bottom and the sides of the boxes and make sure to tape the bottom seams to keep them from opening.

● Pack boxes by room

Rather than packing all similar items together, it would be better to pack by room. Don’t give in to temptation if there is some extra space in some boxes, it will save you a lot of time later on. You do not want to be looking through multiple boxes to find small things.

● Proper packing techniques

You will want to distribute the weight of everything properly in order to avoid damaging contents of boxes and to keep the boxes from getting too heavy. Books are easy to pack can pile on weight very quickly. It’s also better to pack dishes by standing them upright and wrapping them individually rather than stacking them as they are less likely to break this way. Make your linens, towels, curtains extra useful as padding material rather than giving them their own box.

● Label everything largely and clearly

The best time to label a box is right after you fill it up. It would be best if you labelled a box on all 4 sides and not on top. Make a bullet style list on the side so that you don’t have to dig through them, later on, to find out what’s inside. The Anaheim movers you hire will appreciate it also.

If you don’t feel like writing down all the contents of a box on its side, you can give the box code and list down the contents of the box on a clearly labeled piece of paper. Keep track of these papers and keep them on your person at all times.

● Make a system to keep track of all the small things

The most aggravating and difficult part of unpacking is trying to keep all the small pieces organized. Most people have problems with screws, cables, bolts, etc. You can avoid this hassle by purchasing large ziploc bags or small boxes and including an index card inside each one to indicate what the small pieces are for.

Actually moving all your things to your new home is the hardest process of moving. Unpacking everything can become a distant second if you plan everything properly and play your cards right. Taking the time to pack to make unpacking easier will help you settle into your new home faster and will save you a lot of headaches later on. You and the Anaheim movers will have a much easier time thanks to it.

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