Things To Remember To Ensure The Safety of Your Stuff When Moving in Miami

What Happens on Miami Beach Moving Day

So you’ve packed up everything and now you’re simply counting down the minutes till moving day comes.  But by this point, you’re mind is probably beginning to wonder if you’ve forgotten anything or if you haven’t prepared enough for the Miami Beach moving truck.

That’s the tricky part though. When it comes to things like moving day, it’s really difficult to prepare for it completely and so many things could happen that affect your move. To make it easier and ease the stress, here are the 5 most common things most people forget on moving day causing last minute hectic scrambling.

Prepare enough space for the moving through.

This holds true if regardless if you have hired a Miami Beach moving company or are taking care of your move on your own. You need to make sure that you have a good parking space readily available for the moving truck. Let your neighbors know in advance that you will need to use the the space around your home for the move.

Not only do you need to secure the parking space in your old home, you also need to keep a space in your new home free for the Miami Beach moving truck. Otherwise, the movers will need to park a bit further and you could be charged extra for a long carry.

Let the neighbors know

As aforementioned, you must make sure the neighbors are aware of your moving plans. Not only do you need to tell them about the parking space, you have to let them know that you may need to keep the sidewalk clear to keep things moving smoothly. You are likely to cause a bit of an inconvenience if you decide to move on the weekend where your neighbors are likelier to be home.

Keep some extra cash on hand

You’ll need some readily available cash for tipping the Miami Beach movers and paying for any quick lunches for everybody should the movers work during lunch hour. This will save you the trouble of needing to run to an atm. Mover’s appreciate cash tips so preparing it in advance will be helpful.

Keep the keys on you

Before moving day comes, make sure you know what to do with your house keys. For those of you who are renting, contact your landlord and find out what he wants you to do with them. If you own the home, ask your real estate agents or new owners if there are any.

Also, keep the keys to your new home readily available too. You don’t want to keep the Miami Beach movers waiting while you try to find the key. Keeping them waiting too long could lead to extra charges on your move.

Give clear and concise directions to your new home

It is not a good idea to convoy during moving day. Moving trucks are harder to maneuver than cars. If you can give the driver specific directions to your new home as well instructions on where to park, this would make things easier for everybody.

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