About to move and looking for Hialeah movers?

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring Hialeah Movers

People who are about to move and looking for Hialeah movers usually find themselves asking a lot of questions once they sit down and really think about how to handle it. Finding all the answers to the various questions that come to mind can take a lot of time but it is essential if you want to ensure a stress free move.

To help the people about to move, this article has listed down the most frequent questions most people about to move ask and the answers to these questions. Hopefully this save you time and helps you with your moving.

What are the movers liable for?

Once you’ve hired the movers, be sure you are present for the following:

  • Packing of your belongings
  • estimate
  • loading of truck(s)

Keep a sharp eye out for anything you find questionable or anything that wasn’t agreed on in your contract. You are also fully responsible for expensive items like small electronics, jewelry, antiques, and fragile items.

You will be requested to sign an inventory sheet so be sure you watched as the movers packed.

How early should I call the movers?

Once you are sure of moving, you should call a Hialeah moving company as soon as you can, especially if you are planning to move during peak season in the summer.

If you are moving outside of your state, you should call a minimum of 4 weeks before your intended moving date. It’s recommended you call 8 weeks ahead though if possible. The rule is, the earlier you do it, the better. You’ll also have more Hialeah moving companies to choose from increasing your likelihood of landing a good deal.

What kind of information should I be looking for?

Hialeah moving companies need to follow certain when providing a moving service. Here’s what you should know:

Before moving

  • The estimate (binding or nonbinding)
  • Legitimate copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” by the US DOT
  • Signed service order
  • Contact information

On moving day

  • Freight bill on pickup
  • Freight bill on delivery

How Do I determine if an estimate is fair?

The best way to determine if a Hialeah moving company is giving reasonable quotes is to get different quotes from other Hialeah moving companies. If one quote is lower than the others, ask the company why that is. You will want to do a background check on that company to see if they have incurred a lot of complaints. It is likely that they are scam movers that you’d be better off avoiding regardless of how good a deal it may seem.

What kind of estimate should I get?

These are a common source of confusion for many people. Here are the different estimates you can receive:

  • Binding not-to-exceed

This estimate means that if the true weight of your load exceeds the written estimate, you still pay what was quoted. If the amount is less, then you pay less also.

  • Binding

This estimate means that whatever is quoted is what you will pay, regardless of the actual weight of your load exceeding or being under their estimate.

  • Non-binding

This is an estimate that doesn’t bind your mover to the price they estimated leaving them free to raise or lower the price. There is no guarantee with this estimate and once your items are weighed and loaded, you cannot back out.

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