Best places to live in Miami area in 2022

Everybody has some city or country that they just love. With no explanation and no reasons. And it is completely normal to prefer someplace to another. But if you have just too many neighborhoods and lovely places in the area of your favorite city, it can be hard to decide. That is why we have decided to give you a list of places in the Miami area that are just worth visiting and relocating to. So, if you are thinking about moving to the Miami area, the first thing you should do is hire one of the best movers Miami has. And if you have trouble deciding which place suits you the most, maybe this list of best places to live in Miami area will help you.

Starting the list of best places to live in Miami area with Coral Gables

This magical place is on the top of our list because it can give something to everyone. There are tons of indoor and outdoor activities you will be enjoying here. But the most wonderful thing about Coral Gables is that is it voted for being one of the top 10 places for families with kids. That is why if you are thinking of relocating with your little family it is a perfect time to call and hire some of the best movers Coral Gables and start the process.

palm trees in one of the best places to live in Miami area
The weather in Miami is great.


Hialeah is known as the 5th largest city in Florida. That is why this is a perfect place for people who are looking for a job opportunity. It might even be the best place if you want to expand your business. This place is growing more and more as we speak. It is also known as a place that has welcomed so many Cuban civilians. So it gives you a chance to live in diversity and liberal place. So, if this is something you are looking for in your new place or relocating, contact movers in Hialeah and get ready for moving.

Miami Beach – one of the best places to live in Miami area

Miami Beach is a place that is perfect for people looking for fun and adventure. You can do and see so many things. But the most important stuff about this place is that you can meet so many new, different people. You can find some true friends and fall in love. Because with all of the activities and easy living, you can be free to be yourself. And there is no better than being who you are. That is why if you have been looking for a fresh start or you just want to experience something new and different, Miami Beach is a place for you. And there is no better professional than Miami Beach movers, so do not think any longer and hire them for your relocation.

North or South Miami?

This is a battle that has been going on for ages. But when you think about it, there is nothing even quite similar between these two places. As much as South Miami is a people’s first choice, North Miami has been undertaken. North Miami is maybe the perfect place for you to settle down. Being home to so many clubs and restaurants, North Miami can be the perfect solution for people looking for a getaway. But there is one thing that everybody is getting distracted by when thinking of North Miami.

It is a little more expensive than the rest of the places in the Miami area. But this is not something that should stop you. Owning and renting a place there will give you more opportunities to find a better-paid job. So, you have to give a little to get something. Think this decision through and if you still want to move to this place, signing the contract with some of the best movers North Miami FL has is a good start.

buildings, water and flowers
Choosing the best places to live in Miami area is not an easy task.

Pembroke Pines

We know you have heard about this place. And let us tell you that it is everything you have heard is true. It is a hometown for so many young professionals. But besides this, it is also a place where you can enjoy tons of museums and art collections. One of the best things about Pembroke Pines is that it has some of the best schools in the whole country.

Kids will get some amazing chances to upgrade their knowledge by having a lot of post-school activities. kids are being taken to picnics, museums, galleries, and other manifestations that are happening here. Learning by looking and touching things is always better than just reading about something from the books. And we think that this is a great place for younger people and families. So do not hesitate anymore. If this is a place that suits you and your family the most, you will be lucky t hear that you can get help from the best movers Pembroke Pans has.

Miramar – one of the best places to live in Miami area

With around 6 million people living here, Miramar is an extremely ethnic place. But do not let this bother you. Studies have shown that in Miramar you can find the most polite and friendly people ever. A lot of people come here for fitness and even having a professional career in this field. And the perfect weather must be one of the reasons why people like to exercise and spend some quality time in the fresh air. So if you are this type of person or you just like to hang out with friends on the beach all day long, Miramar is a place for you.  Spending time on fresh air and getting paid for is something that can make you call and hire Miramar FL movers and get ready for the relocation.

girl having fun
If you like spending time outdoors, there are a few places that you might like.

Looking for a rural environment?

Some of the busiest movers in Florida are the movers in Davie FL. This is because more and more people decide on spending the rest of their lives here. And it is not just because of the rural environment. This place is maybe on the top of the list of western-themed districts. So, if you would like to experience this kind of life, you have made the right choice of moving here. And if this is maybe not enough for you, wait until you hear that schools here are above average. That means that your kids will have great education while you enjoy your free time in multiple activities.

Kendall might be one of the best places to live in Miami area

It is considered to be the safest place in all of Florida. This is just one of the reasons why people hire movers in Kendall FL and why this place should be on the top of our list. With so many restaurants, bars markets it is the most popular place for tourists. You can taste the world’s best cuisine and still have enough place in your belly for some of the best drinks you can taste. But one of the most famous and favorite parts of the Kendall is Dadeland Mall. This is a place where you can find and buy almost everything. Every brand that you have and have not heard of can be found here. This is on the top of the last when it comes to shopping and having fun while spending money.

couple sitting on bench in one of the Best places to live in Miami area
Looking for some fun with your loved ones is really easy when you live in the Miami area.

Are you ready for Hollywood?

Hollywood is maybe the number one place people fantasy about living in. And it is not just based on movies and tv shows. Hollywood has so many hidden things that are worth visiting. For example, Hollywood in Florida has the perfect climate. There is sun during the whole year and it is never too hot. You will never get sunburns and you will never feel the sweat. It is also considered to be a little town on its own. People who have hired movers Hollywood FL learned that residents here like to celebrate this place. That is why there are a lot of festivals, activities and the calendar is full of parties and live music. With so many activities that are usually outdoor, people looking to retire can find a blast in Hollywood. 

How to find a reliable moving company for a move to some of the best places to live in Miami area?

If you have chosen your favorite part of Miami and you are ready to relocate, you should be hiring some of the best and the most reliable moving company. And there are some tips and tricks on how to choose one. Like in every part of your life, there are people who would like to earn money from your misery. You heard it well. moving can be quite a misery if you pick the wrong moving company. That is why you have to search for these things:

  1. License. Every reliable and trustworthy company has a license. This is a sign that you have avoided the mistake of hiring a fraudulent moving company.
  2. Insurance. Having insurance during the move, you are getting two things. The first one is the knowledge that you are about to hire a reliable moving company. The second one is that you can be sure that your items will be safe during the relocation. The items will be relocated with minimum damage. Insurance is also one of the ways that a company is protecting itself.
  3. References. this is something you can check online, without even calling the company. If you read the references and you found out that they are exceptionally you have found a reliable and good moving company.

All three of these things must be respected. If you ask for the company to show you the license, they will do it without complaining. Because they are the first ones to know how many frauds there are. And if you check closely, you will see that one of the most reliable moving companies in this area is actually City Movers. So do not wait anymore and make that call.

people on bicycles in one of the Best places to live in Miami area
once you hire reliable help, you can have fun and leave all the work to the professionals

Packing for moving

Packing is the same wherever you choose to move. So whichever place is your number one choice, you should pack in the proper way. Eather you hire a packing service, or you do it by yourself, there is the same goal. You want your items to be relocated in the same shape as they were before packing. That is why having some good packing material is crucial. Protecting your breakable items should be number one on the list. So get some good boxes, bubble wrap protection, and maybe some specialized moving supplies like boxes for mirrors, etc. Label the boxes that have something fragile in them and be ready for unpacking.

Can moving affect you mentally?

We all know that moving is considered to be the most stressful part of your life. That is why it is important to have a good plan and to stay organized during the whole process. There are some tutorials on how to keep your mind capable so you should definitely do some research about that. Do not forget that is it okay to feel blue and warnable. Talk to people around you about your emotions. Do not be afraid to feel whatever you are feeling. If you are not feeling sad, it is alright too. Some people just cannot wait to relocate and do not judge them. And no one will judge you for whatever is that you are going through.

Miami from above
Pick the place that suits you the most

Choosing among these best places to live in Miami area is not easy. But all you have to do is sit with whoever you are about to relocate with and write down your needs and expectations. Based on those and only those stuff you will be able t determine which place suits you and your loved one the most. Make sure that if you are not moving alone that you think about other people’s needs too. Good luck in your new home!

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