7 Reasons to live in one of Florida’s small towns

Wonderful Florida attracts countless new residents daily. Some of them are just tourists who decided to enjoy this beautiful state forever, and others want to follow their dreams or career. It is no secret that the majority of them will decide to move to one of its bigger cities as that is a much more convenient option. Both the young and elderly will do such things and make the population of those cities constantly grow. But Florida is not all about the huge cities and urban places we see in movies and shows. Let us take you through 7 reasons to live in one of Florida’s small towns!

Briefly about the state of Florida

With 267 cities and 123 towns, Florida certainly offers a lot of things to people living there. Its most famous attractions and locations are the reasons this state keeps on blooming every day and there is no question you will have a nice and cozy lifestyle there. If this is your first time moving to this state, Florida movers can release you from all that hard work relocation can bring. This will be good as you will have enough time and space to deal with some other things, like choosing properly where exactly to move to.

woman standing in front of the sign that says Florida
To live in one of Florida’s small towns can have countless benefits for you and your family

Even though not many people will immediately focus on small towns, those that do rarely regret it. After all, big cities in this state like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville can simply be too much for some people. Each one of these places has some special traits you can find everywhere, and they can certainly make your life much better!

1. Less crowd, more peace

One of the most obvious reasons to live in one of Florida’s small towns is to avoid being surrounded by that many people. You already know those huge cities in this state are always crowded and under constant traffic jams. Living in Florida doesn’t mean you have to go through that every single day, especially if there is no valid reason for it. On the other hand, to come across a wonderful small place in this state is nothing but a jackpot. You will feel much better to know that you are surrounded by your community, lovely landscapes, and nothing but peace.

One of the places that fit this description is Homestead. This lovely town can offer you a cozy and pleasant lifestyle as it has everything you need. It is not crowded throughout the year, but you will come across tourists during the summer season. The biggest reason for that is Homestead’s Fruit and Spice Park which has more than 500 species of fruits, nuts, and much more. Moving companies Homestead FL operate in the area which is a sign to consider living right there.

2. To live in one of Florida’s small towns means more chances for good business

Not every good job opportunity lies in Miami. According to some statistics, it is much better to focus on smaller places in the terms of successful business, especially in the beginning. This is even more important if you plan on starting your small business shortly. You will get a chance to find a group of customers your business needs and slowly start expanding it from there. As soon as you establish a good base of clients, you can proceed to expand your department or introduce new services. You can get lucky in a big city as well, but sometimes the risk is simply too big.

people putting hands together
These places usually have wonderful communities that will accept you and help you blend in

In this state, there are many small towns that can help you with your business or work and one of them is Doral. This beautiful city is a symbol of success, luxury, and skyrocketing careers. Once movers Doral FL finalizes your relocation, there will be countless options in front of you. It is also home to many Fortune 500 companies and that is making it a wonderful place to live and work at. Some of the most notable companies include:

  • Brinks INC
  • The Miami Herald
  • Carnival Cruise Lines

3. You can be close to some of the big cities

Understandably, after some time you start wishing to experience more of that rush you had living in the big city. Well, if you choose carefully, you will not have to worry about that at all. A lot of small towns in Florida are close to bigger cities which is a great chance to experience the best from both. Once you settle in you can explore the area closely and as soon as you wish to have some more fun, you can do it easily and without spending huge amounts of money.

Since this is one of the benefits you will get once you decide to live in one of Florida’s small towns, there is one that could be suitable for you. Movers Hialeah Gardens FL can take you to that one and you will be surprised by all the things this amazing town offers. Even though this town is business-orientated as well, locals can have fun in countless different ways. It is also a place of diversity, and you will get a chance to meet some wonderful people and share your life experiences with them. The total distance between Hialeah Gardens and Miami is just 10 miles, which is more than perfect for your needs!

colorful houses in the neighborhood as an example of those you can choose when decide to live in one of Florida's small towns
There is nothing better than being able to live in one of Florida’s small towns and still be close to bigger ones

4. If you live in one of Florida’s small towns you will get to experience a different kind of natural beauty

We all know how beautiful Florida is. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it seems like you can never get enough of them. But, just like with every place like that, it will take some time to find the one that is pretty much intact. To be surrounded by breathtaking nature means you will improve your lifestyle and deal with some daily issues much easier. With Florida’s amazing weather and nice locations, it will not be difficult to come across your oasis and enjoy it for the rest of your life. 

Those who are looking for something similar should check out Miami Lakes. This town maybe has huge buildings but nature is something that will capture you forever. It is filled with parks, green areas, and beaches that will make you proud to call it home. Long, sunny days will be exactly what you need after a working week and you will be able to balance your life and work well. Apart from these locations, Miami Lakes has countless restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in case you wish to have some fun with your friends. Movers Miami Lakes operate in the area and can help you move there with ease.

5. Education is one of the reasons you should live in one of Florida’s small towns

If you move with your children, you must think of their needs as well. Moving to big cities can make their blending-in process much longer and more complicated and that is not something you want. Apart from that, some of the smaller towns in Florida can give them a much better opportunity to study and build their careers. Another benefit you and your kids will have if you decide to live in one of Florida’s small towns is easier access to good schools and universities which is not something you should ignore. 

students throwing their graduation caps
Choosing to live in a small town doesn’t mean your kids have to be far from some of the best universities in the state

Among others, South Miami seems like a perfect option for this. Since it borders the University of Miami’s main campus it immediately represents a place you should at least consider. Your kids will find it much easier to blend in once they know the campus and university is that close. You on the other hand will not have to watch them leave far from you and will be able to follow their education progress the way you want. Inform movers South Miami on time so that you can check out the University of Miami and make all the necessary preparations.

6. Smaller towns are safer

Safety always comes first no matter where you decide to move. Smaller towns usually have a lower crime rate and that is one of the main reasons people decide to move there. In Florida, many towns fit this description and the situation is much different than in Miami or some other big city in this state. A low crime rate matters a lot no matter your age or profession. Both people with families and those who move alone will rather choose a place with a lower crime rate than move somewhere where their safety can be under question.

Carol City is famous for being one of those towns in Florida with a very low crime rate and because of that a lot of people decide to move there. It is considered to be a neighborhood in Miami Gardens and together with that city, it shares the same values. Movers Miami Gardens can easily transport your inventory there and give you a chance to see the reality of this place for yourself. You will love how amazing the community in Carol City is, and how each one of the residents will help you adapt to the new area.

beach with white sand and blue water as an examples of those that will be close to you if you llive in one of Florida's small towns
Wonderful beaches and fewer crowds are one of the main reasons to live in one of Florida’s small towns

7. One of the main reasons to live in one of Florida’s small towns is the cost of living

You should never ignore living costs when considering moving as that will affect many other things in your life. If you are on a budget or simply wish to save some money for some time, smaller towns in Florida will give you everything you have been looking for. Even though Florida is a little bit over average when it comes to prices, that is not the case with some of its amazing towns. Settling in an affordable place will give you a chance to make some long-lasting plans and focus on your future from a much more stable point.

One of the most affordable towns in Florida, which happens to have countless other traits as well is Crystal River. Not only it is heaven for tourists and locals but the total living cost rate is 88.3/100. That puts this place on the list of affordable places in Florida that can still provide you with a nice and cozy life. Crystal Lake is famous for being one of the best fishing spots in the entire state and let’s not forget how close to the Gulf of Mexico you will be. Residential movers Florida can even help you prepare a suitable moving-out day so that you can enjoy fishing festivals with local residents.

Other things to know before you decide to live in one of Florida’s small towns

When you start thinking about moving, it is essential that you have enough space and time to think everything through. Not so much because of the relocation itself, but rather because of the place you will be moving to and some personal needs. Try to do your research and explore the state of Florida before you make a final decision. Once you are sure that the place is perfect for you, you can proceed to make the rest of your relocation plans. The timing must be perfect as well and don’t forget to balance your work or start looking for a new one.

family watching the sunset
Always think of your family and yourself when choosing a place to move to

Keep movers by your side no matter where you live at the moment. Even if you are moving across the street or from another city, you will need their professional assistance. Once everything is over and you begin to live in one of Florida’s small towns, embrace everything that place has to offer. Knowing how these places can be welcoming to new residents, you will be calling one of them home before you know it! 



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