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We understand how attached you have become to the belongings in your home. If you don’t wish to take your belongings with you to your new home or simply wish to have more space in your home, we provide the secure storage facility that you are looking for. Our affordable rates are competitive and we have plenty of space for your belongings.

Storage is Secure

Security is important in a storage facility. When you need storage, we have you covered with our storage options. We have computer controlled entry, which only permits authorized people to enter the facility. This also provides a log so we can see who has been in and out.

We also feature video security. This allows us to see who is entering and exiting the premises at all times. If something funny is happening, we can see it immediately in order to protect the facility as well as your belongings. This is state of the art technology and something that we are very proud to offer our customers.

For an added measure of security with storage, we have customer storage insurance as well. This means that you have an insurance policy to protect everything that you put into our storage facility. Should something become damaged or stolen, the policy is in place to protect you financially. We hope it never comes to this, but it is in place for your peace of mind.

Don’t place your belongings in just any storage. You have too many valuable belongings to let them sit just anywhere. Call Get Moved Today to find out about the facilities that we have to offer and even take a tour of the premises to see how secure they are for yourself.

We offer short term and long term pricing plans for you. Whether you have one or two objects or an entire room of belongings, we have a storage unit for you. Contact us today to see what’s available.

Storage is climate controlled

hot temperatures do not always make it conducive to storing things outside. Plastic and other items can melt in the hot Florida sun. This means that it may not always be possible for you to utilize your garage or attic for storage. At Get Moved Today, we have climate-controlled facilities that will ensure nothing melts from the heat.

Think about all the items that you need to store. Now take a closer look and see if they can be damaged by heat. Metal, plastic and even paper can be damaged in one way or another because of too much heat and humidity. When you place things into storage that is climate controlled, you never have to worry about anything getting too hot or too cold.

We go one step further for the safety of your belongings and have installed sprinkler systems. In the event of a fire, we can extinguish it quickly in order to protect everything that you have stored in the facility.

We also have cold storage in the event that you have something refrigerated or frozen that needs to be stored. This can be any number of things – even if it’s inventory for your business. Ask us about our units today to take care of all your storage needs.

Our affordable rates are valid for long-term and month to month rentals. Call us today to get a storage unit that you can count on.

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