Storage services in Miami, FL

Keep extra items safely in storage

It can be difficult to find safe, secure storage in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA. At City Movers, we can help.

When moving, you may realize you have furniture, old appliances or other items that you don't want in your new home. In other cases, you simply might not have the room. We can find a local storage facility (near any of our locations in Miami or Los Angeles), where you can keep items securely stored away until you find another place for them.

We only work with established and well-maintained storage facilities in South Florida and Southern California. We'll find the perfect storage unit for your needs, based on the size of the load and your desired term, either short-term or long-term.

City Movers will also help you move the items into the storage facility, so you never have to touch one box. And when you're ready to take the items out of storage, simply let us know – we're happy to assist you with that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm downsizing. Can you put my extra stuff in storage?
Yes! We'll locate a storage facility near you. After unloading at your new home, our movers can move any of your extra items to the storage unit.

2. Can I get storage for only one month?
This depends on the availability and terms of the storage facility – but yes, we will do our best to find a storage facility that can accommodate your short-term (or long-term) storage needs.

3. Is the storage facility safe?
Absolutely! We only partner with the best and most secure storage facilities in Miami and North Hollywood.

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