Hiring a Santa Monica Moving company to help out with your move

Hiring a Santa Monica Moving company to help out with your move

Address: 1133 16th St Santa Monica, CA 90403

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (213) 631-4007

Hire Reliable and Cheap Movers in Santa Monica

From the weather to the scenery to the incredible food, it is no surprise people flock to Santa Monica year round. If you are ready to make your move to Santa Monica or need reliable Santa Monica movers, we’ve got you covered.

Our skilled moving team has been helping families and businesses in Santa Monica make their moves for more than five years. We seen it all and perfected our craft — now let us bring that skill to your next move.

Meet Our Santa Monica Moving Team

No one comes to Santa Monica to get hassled or feel frustrated. We think the same should apply to moving within the city. We offer a variety of personal touches that reduce the hassle of moving and make the process smooth and simple.

Call our team to schedule a completely free, in-person quote of your moving need. We’ll map out your move, make a concrete plan, and never miss a detail along the way!

Why Choose Our Santa Monica Moving Team?

Customers in Santa Monica have been seeing the difference it makes to work with a team that truly knows the area for years. Get Moved Today has helped thousands relocate and our formula comes down to just a few core principles:

  • We work smarter to lower our prices. By being more efficient we can staff less, complete jobs faster, and offer unbeatable prices and deals on moving in Santa Monica.
  • Your time is our top priority. You should never wait on us when it comes to your move. We’ll keep you informed, and we’ll keep ourselves on time.
  • No one touches our training methods. Our movers are prepared for any scenario by training in high-complexity simulations. Whatever your unique circumstance, we’ve seen worse and figured out how to do it fast.
  • We offer white glove service. We will handle all the logistics, lifting, hauling and packing for you so you can focus on getting settled in your new space.

Get Moved Today also offers a variety of additional services such as packaging, auto relocation and packing materials for purchase or rent in Santa Monica.

Backed by Insurance, Accreditation and BBB Licensure

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This accreditation is designed to help the public feel more at ease when hiring a moving company, knowing that all areas are covered. We are licensed and insured, offering the necessary protection to clients and their belongings.

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