Relocating to Sunrise FL – a brief guide

If you like warm weather and enjoy going swimming even before May, the city of Sunrise may be just the place for you. It is located in central-western Broward Country, Flordia, right in the Miami metropolitan area. The costs of living are just a tad above the national average, with the transportation expenses being the biggest contributor to this difference. And if you are into active life with all the amenities like sports, opera, broadway shows, the beach, shopping and leisure time, we would advise that you truly consider relocating to Sunrise FL. Here is a brief guide that will help you in that venture.

Start planning as early as possible

As with any big projects whose success relies on immaculate action, it is best that you have it all on paper. That is to say, it would be smart to have all of the tasks that await written on a piece of paper. Ideally, you would pair these obligations with a timeline. Giving yourself a deadline for all the tasks will ensure you do not lose anything out of sight, and indeed take care of it all before the move. In addition, it will help you reduce the inevitable stress, as you won’t need to have it all memorized. What’s more, you will exactly know how to direct your attention and energy, this being super-efficient.

A person writing a moving checklist.
Relocating to Sunrise FL will feel like a breeze with an elaborate moving checklist.

Ideally, you would start planning for your relocation 3 to 4 months prior to the moving day. This estimate can vary depending on the distance you are about to travel. If you are handling this move without the help of movers Sunrise FL, you will, naturally, need more time. Take ample time to create your moving checklist, and make sure to include all the tasks, regardless of its size, as they will all need to be taken care of.

Packing preparations

Packing is the biggest and most time-consuming part of every move. Thus, when relocating to Sunrise FL, you want to address it with due attention. In order to properly prepare, you need to acquire moving boxes of various sizes and reliable quality. While your safest bet is to find a moving company that sells packing materials and simply purchases them from this trustworthy source, we have a cheaper alternative for you to consider. Visit your local grocery, clothing and liquor stores, and see if they have some undamaged boxes to spare. You can also try the warehouses in your area.

You will also need to get a hold of some cushioning materials for your fragile belongings. Packing paper, sheets of bubble paper, and packing peanuts will do the job. Do not forget about ducktape (plenty of it), labeling materials (waterproof markers, and sticky labels), as well as a few pairs of quality scissors.

A person labeling boxes
Make sure to label your boxes if you want to have a quick and easy unpacking process.

The packing process itself

We will assume that you started early with this important task, and that you have at least a month to pack your whole household. With that in mind, we advise you to start with packing the items that you use most seldom and continue gradually from there. This will help you maintain the normal, everyday routines you have. In addition, it would be smart to designate a room in your house for all the packed boxes. It will help you avoid the feeling of living in a warehouse.

Having that you are relocating to Sunrise FL, you want to ensure that you pack your summer clothes the last. Even if you are moving from Norway, haven’t seen the sun for the past two months, and forgot all about your bathing suit, when you move, you will be welcomed with so much sunshine that it will replenish all the vitamin D you have been missing within one hour.

One of the great ways to ease your first few days in the city of Sunrise is to pack an essentials box. In it, you would keep some bedsheets, towels, basic kitchen utensils, hygiene products, and your go-to summer wear. These will help you have a normal life until all of your boxes are unpacked.

Sorting documentation

There are a few important papers and notifications you will need to take care of before you finish relocating to Sunrise FL. Start with:

  1. Contacting your utility companies and letting them know you are moving. These include your cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, and security system. If you already have an address of your new home, you can also schedule a transfer or installation date.
  2. Get a new driver’s license. This is important if you are changing your state with this relocation. You will get your new driver’s license from your state’s DMV. Make sure to check your state’s requirements though. Many states require new residents to obtain their driver’s license within a specific time window after moving.
  3. Purchase a pet license. Again, this is a necessity if you, first of all, own a pet, and second, are moving to another country. As many places require owners to register their pets within a month of getting the pet or moving, you will need to be quick with checking the exact requirements and deadlines. This is done mainly to ensure that animals receive their necessary Rabies shots for public safety purposes.
A person giving his dog a treat
Moving with a pet means having to be mindful of a few more things, but what is that compared to the joy you receive on a daily basis?


A few tricks to help you out

  • Pack in the containers you already have (bags, suitcases, bins, and so on).
  • Use your clothing pieces as cushioning materials.
  • Do not restrain from asking for a few days off work in order to handle all the obligations with minimal stress.
  • Ask friends to help you out with time-consuming and arduous chores.
  • Rent storage Boca Raton if you are unable to transport your belongings to the new home just yet.
  • Try to look at the process of relocating to Sunrise FL as an exciting adventure. After all, there are so many splendors ahead.

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