Los Angeles Movers Advice for Getting Rid of Things


The days and weeks leading up to a move are the ideal time to get rid of items that have been sitting in your home for years without being used. Rather than just packing everything up and bringing it to your new home to sit in storage, take some time to go through each item and see whether you really want it with you or not.
In addition to helping you declutter before you move to your new home, it can also help minimize how much your Los Angeles movers need to transport. This can help save time and money on your move, which is always nice. Consider these excellent options when it comes to preparing your belongings for a big move, you’ll be very glad you did.


Holding a garage sale is one of the best ways to get rid of your unwanted things. In fact, this should typically be your first option when it comes to getting rid of things you no longer need. Using this option is not only the easiest since you don’t need to drive your things anywhere, but it can also make you some good money. Many people are surprised at just how much they can sell and how much they can make off of the old things that they have been keeping around the house for years.


If you have a lot of clothes, books, furniture, tools and other things that you want to get rid of, consider donating them. Many charities will be more than happy to take these items and put them to good use. If you have enough, they may even be willing to send a truck out to pick them up for you. If you’re donating a good amount of things, make sure you get a receipt for the donation so you can claim it on your taxes. They may even send movers in Los Angeles to do all the lifting.


This should be the last option for any of your items, but sometimes you just need to get rid of something that you know nobody else would want. When this is the case, tossing it in the trash is the best bet. If you’re getting rid of something too large to fit in a normal trash can you need to call your local landfill and see how to have it disposed of there.
If you’re not sure about whether you should keep something or get rid of it, never hesitate to ask friends or family for a second opinion. Sometimes they will recommend you keep the item and other times they will help you to make the decision to get rid of it. The moral support is often very helpful when going through many years of belongings before the Los Angeles moving companies come to get everything moved into your new home.

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