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Local moving Miami Movers refers to moving from one neighborhood of the city to another. In our definitions, this is restricted to movement or relocation over a 100 mile, or less, radius. Anything beyond this radius falls under long distance moving. We make this kind of classification so as to design our services uniquely to satisfy the requirements if different clients. Local moving may sound like a simple affair in comparison to long distance moving but it has its own fair share of logistical and other challenges that you probably would not want to have to deal with on your own and this is where our expert staff at GETMOVED come in.

What do we do as local movers?

As your preferred local movers, we dedicate ourselves and all our resources to making sure that your property not only gets to its final destination intact but that it gets there at the required time. In this respect, some of the services that we provide include the following;

Ø Moving vehicles; whenever people hear about Miami movers, the first picture that comes to mind is that of huge trucks loaded with boxes and so it should go without saying that this is one of the hallmarks of our service. We will provide you with enough trucks and vehicles to carry all your things to their destination. The number of vehicles provided by GETMOVED will depend on how much property you have to be moved. If the distance over which the property is to be moved is not very wide, then we might use fewer vehicles and make more than one trip. Either way, you can be sure that all your things will be transported using our own vehicles and you will not have to carry anything on your own. Our vehicles are fitted with everything necessary to allow for easy loading and unloading as well as for the safe transportation of those things.

Ø Trained crew; every vehicle we send to have your things moved will have its own driver as well as trained crew members. The number of crew members per vehicle will be dictated by the specific kind of service that we are supposed to provide. For instance, if you need us to help you with the packing then we will send you crew members who will do that for you. They will also be responsible for loading the boxes into the vehicles and offloading them when they finally get to their destination.

Ø Packing boxes; if you have never moved before then even the seemingly simple task of getting packing boxes for your stuff could be challenging. When you hire GETMOVED, our crew can provide you with the right packaging materials such as packing boxes upon request. Every box we provide is meant for a specific type of property and this element is particularly important when you want to move sensitive or fragile items. Our crew members will package everything safely into the right box and will also be the ones to load and offload the boxes when moving so that everything stays safe and intact throughout the process.

How much do we charge for local Miami moving services?

Unlike many of the other Miami movers, at GETMOVED we understand that all our clients are different, have different needs and that it would therefore be unfair to charge all of them the same flat rates for moving their property. Our charges are flexible and very competitive and they will be dictated by specific elements relating directly to the items being moved and the number of vehicles to be used. If, for instance, you are moving very many things and need to use more than a single vehicle, you will definitely have to pay more than someone else who only needs a single vehicle to move all of his/ her things. For local moving services, the distance is not really a factor in determining the charges that we will apply provided that the destination lies within the 100 mile radius that qualifies its classification as local moving. If it goes beyond that radius then it will be considered as long distance moving and then the distance will have to be taken into consideration when charging you. Sounds complicated? Actually it’s not! If you are planning to move from one part of the town to another, all you have to do is pick up the phone right now and request for a free price quote from us. You can also contact us here and one of our people will get back to you with a free quote that matches the kind of services that you need. Wait no longer, contact us today!

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