How to prepare for a long distance move

Whether you are moving across the world or just a few blocks away, you might feel overwhelmed because of the move. There are so many things you’ll have to take care off! No matter how fast and efficient you might be, it will seem to you like you’re running out of time, especially when moving over long distances. However, we’re here to tell you that if you prepare for a long distance move properly, you won’t be panicking and running around your house on the day of the move. With good organizational skills, everything is possible! So, let’s find out what is necessary for a hassle-free long distance move.

Start to prepare for a long distance move ahead of time

Starting to organize the move ahead of time is one of the most important things you’ll have to do in order to move hassle-free. Trust us, when moving over long distances, you’ll want to have time to plan it carefully. After all, long-distance relocations are a bit more challenging than local moves.

prepare for a long distance move - the picture of a clock.
Completing tasks in a hurry can cause major moving mistakes.

Here are only some of the things you’ll have to take care of during the preparations of your move.

  • Choosing the date of the move. You will want to pick the date that suits you the most. If you plan to hire movers, you should know that they are busier on weekends and during the summer. Therefore, if your schedule is flexible enough, avoid these dates.
  • Determining your moving budget. Doing this is of the utmost importance. Even if you don’t have to move on a tight budget, it’s necessary to control your moving expenses. You can easily get distracted and spend more than it’s necessary.
  • Handling all of the paperwork. Yes, we understand how boresome this task might be, but hey, you have to do it in order to prepare for a long distance properly.
  • Create a moving checklist. Having one of these by your side during the move will make your long distance move so much easier! And, you’ll also be sure that you have completed all of the pre-move tasks.

Stick to the schedule

As you can see, having a moving schedule is one of the things that will help you prepare for a long distance move. This is why it is necessary to try to stick to it no matter what! Some pre-move tasks, such as shutting off the utilities in your old home, are time sensitive and you don’t want to deal with them on the day of your move. Therefore, instead of trying to complete everything at the last minute, just follow your checklist and cross out tasks as soon as you finish them. We told you, staying organized is the key!

Notify people about your change of address

Whether you’re moving an office or home, it’s necessary to notify all of the important people and services that you’ll be changing your address. As soon as you set the date, you should start notifying. This is especially important for people who are relocating their business over long distances. A serious company will always notify their loyal customers about the upcoming move and that’s why you should do this too.

A white mailbox.
If you want to keep receiving your mail. notify the post office that you’re moving.

However, notifying your customers and your loved ones won’t be enough. You’ll also have to change your address for all of your subscriptions, notify the post office, call your cable, telephone, and internet providers… this list is quite long so make sure to start notifying well in advance!

Learn the right tips to pack with ease

There’s no worse thing than having to pack in a hurry! Therefore, if you want to prepare for a long distance move and have a hassle-free relocation, pack ahead of time. And, do it the right way! Keep in mind that you can always get packing services and let the pros pack you properly. However, if you decide to do this on your own, here’s what you’ll have to do.

  • Majorly downsize. Even if you are about to move locally, you should downsize. Since you’ll be moving over a long distance, you won’t be able to bring everything you own to your new home. And this is a good thing so there’s no need for feeling blue because of it. Relocating fewer items will help you save a couple of bucks on the move! Not to mention that you’ll have the chance of decorating and buying new stuff for your new home. Therefore, declutter first, pack later.
  • Gather quality moving supplies. If you want to keep your belongings safe during transportation to your new home, use only quality packing supplies. This means you’ll have to find undamaged moving boxes, enough wrapping, and cushioning materials.
  • Learn the most important packing rules. We don’t want to bother you now with all the rules that you’ll have to follow when packing your belongings. Instead, we’ll inform you about the most important ones. First of all, avoid overloading moving boxes. If they’re too heavy, you won’t be able to lift them and you might hurt yourself while trying to do so. Next, always label moving boxes to make unpacking easier. And finally, stack lighter boxes on top of the heavier ones.

    Man packing one cardboard box and thinking about how to prepare for a long distance move.
    There are some great alternatives to traditional packing supplies, such as suitcases, laundry baskets, blankets, bed sheets.

Let movers help you prepare for a long distance move

As you can see, you’ll have to take care of many things before your long distance relocation. Luckily, you can make the whole relocation easier just by hiring a reliable moving company FL! With the help of moving professionals, you’ll be able to prepare for a long distance move mentally, while they organize the whole thing. This way, you’ll be sure that nothing will go wrong with your move. And one more thing. You shouldn’t feel sad because of your move. We understand that moving over long distances is a big change, but you should embrace it and look at the bright side. New opportunities await you so there’s no time for feeling blue!

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