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Home » Blog » Finding a reliable Pacific Palisades moving company

Finding a reliable Pacific Palisades moving company will be a massive help when you are moving. You should, however, be careful of the moving company you hire. Don’t just go with the first one you find and really take the time to find one you can really trust, working with fraudulent movers will cause immense financial problems and countless headaches.

Spotting a Fraudulent Moving Company

Take the time to check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and learn what you can about your rights and expectations as a consumer. Among the information they provide, they can also help you spot fraudulent moving companies. To expand on that, here are a few brief points you should keep an eye out for when looking for a Pacific Palisades moving company. Each point is a red flag and just one of them should be enough to consider rethinking your choice.

  • The moving company gives you an estimate over the phone or through the internet without giving your home and belongings a proper assessment. These estimates are usually quite low to bait in any bargain hunters.
  • You are given an estimate based on cubic feet rather than weight. This is a red flag as majority of reliable companies give estimates based on weight.
  • They request for initial cash payment or a deposit before even moving or packing anything.
  • You are not given a copy of ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’ which is legally required by federal regulations.
  • The moving company does not give their contact information, their licensing information, or their insurance information.
  • They claim that all your belongings are totally covered by their insurance.
  • They arrive in a rental truck rather than a company owned and properly marked truck.
  • The moving company has a generic name. Watch out for something like “AA Moving Co.”
  • They won’t let you visit their office location, give you a false location, their office is rundown or non-existent.
  • You talk to the moving company and they seem very accommodating and are saying yes to everything you ask.
  • The company has no records with the Better Business Bureau. This can mean they have never received any complaints but its more likely that the company has just recently changed its name. Fraudulent movers change their name very often and it isn’t unusual for their new name to not be registered.

Getting stuck with a fraudulent Pacific Palisades moving company is like getting stuck with a ticking time bomb. Several people who hire fraudulent movers are either asked to pay ridiculous fees in order to get their belongings back or they cannot get in touch with the moving company again and never see their furniture and valuables again.

If you have lost all your belongings to a fraudulent pacific Palisades moving company, then getting your things back will be immensely difficult and time consuming. There are reports of people succeeding in it, but it takes monstrous effort and the circumstances have to come together just right. Just take the time to find a reliable Pacific Palisades moving company, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

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