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Home » Blog » Long Distance Miami Moving: What Should You Know?

If you are planning to move to another town or city and you are moving from your old Miami neighborhood, the challenges that you will face in doing so will definitely be different from those that will be faced by someone else who is relocating within the city. The former type of moving is classified as long distance moving and our guys at GETMOVED are the best for this kind of work. There is a lot that we can do for you in this respect and some of the most important of these are outlined below;

  • Transportation; your main reason for hiring a moving Miami company is definitely to have them help you in the transportation of your property. We have enough vehicles to carry and transport everything you have to wherever you need it taken. The number of vehicles that we provide will depend on the volume of the property that you are trying to move.
  • Expert crew; moving from Miami to any other town or city is not all just about having your property transported to its destination. Even more important than that, the property being transported has to get to its destination in the same condition in which it left its original position. Achieving this requires a unique combination of the right equipment, in terms of the mode of transportation, as well as expert manpower to handle every challenge. At GETMOVED, we employ highly trained and experienced staff and assign them to each of our clients. The crew will be the ones to load and offload every single box being moved and will also ensure the safety of all the items in the course of the journey.
  • Packaging services; one of the trickiest parts of moving out of Miami, and any other part of the country for that matter, is the packaging and packing of everything properly for transportation. Sometimes, you, as the client, may simply not have the time to do the packaging on your own or you may not know how to do so and may therefore need external help. Fortunately, our staff members are experienced and trained well enough to properly handle all the packaging on your behalf. Everything is packaged into the right boxes and clearly labelled before it is loaded into our trucks for transportation. In addition, once the items are delivered to their eventual destination, our crew members can also help you unpack everything from the boxes in which they were transported.
  • Affordability; even though this, in the strictest definition, is not really a service that we provide, it remains one of the unique hallmarks of GETMOVED that distinguish us from the other moving Miami companies and why most of our clients keep coming back time and again. Compared to the other moving Miami companies, our rates are easily the best and most affordable in the market today. However, it is worth pointing out here that the total fees that will be charged on every client will differ from one client to another depending on a number of factors. The 3 most significant of these factors are the volume of items that you need to be transported, the number of vehicles that will be needed to transport the goods as well as the total distance over which the goods are to be transported. Generally speaking, the fees will increase with the distance from the collection point to the destination and also with the total volume of the goods being transported. If you are looking for the most affordable moving Miami company that can guarantee you the best in service then you should talk to us today for a free price quote.
  • Guaranteed deliveries; once we take your goods off your hands at the collection point, they become our sole responsibility and we, unlike most of the other moving companies, guarantee that they will be delivered to their final destination in perfect condition and according to schedule.

Long distance moving comes with many logistical challenges and these challenges only get more complicated at the moving distance increases. To guarantee the timely and safe delivery of your goods to their destination, you need the services of an experienced moving Miami company and you can use the reputations of the different companies to evaluate their suitability. The reputation, in turn, can be established by reading testimonials and reviews from clients who have worked with the particular mover before and which detail the kind of experience that they had when they did so.

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