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Home » Blog » Safety issues to consider when hiring Los Angeles movers

Safety issues to consider when hiring Los Angeles movers

Los Angeles is a great city with more than its fair share of attractions. Naturally, not many people living in the town have any desire to move out of it and start life afresh in a new town. But, even so, from time to time issues can arise that necessitate movement of your family and belongings either to a new neighborhood within the city or to a whole new town altogether. When this happens, you need Los Angeles movers at your side who not only understand the logistical challenges of moving from one place to another but who also get the emotional toll of such relocation and will do everything in their power to make the transition as healthy as possible. This is one of our core principles here at GETMOVED and it is the main reason why many of our clients keep coming back whenever they need to move. So what makes us special and different from the other movers in LA? Take a look at some of the services we provide and be the judge;

– Packing and unpacking of boxes; if you have to move on short notice, you probably do not have the time to pack everything into boxes for transportation. Our dedicated moving crew can help you pack everything into its right box. This services is particularly important if you want to move some very valuable items which may be fragile or delicate in nature such as artworks and electronics. They will be the ones to load them into the vehicles and also offload them when they get to where they are being taken. In addition, and unlike most of the other Los Angeles movers, we will also help you unpack each and every box once it gets to its final delivery. Our expert crew members can also help you properly get settled into your new house by helping out with the assembly of things like home theatre systems and the like.

– Storage services; if you have to move your things but have not yet settled or finalized on the final place where you will want them to be delivered, we can provide paid storage and help keep your things safe as you look for a place where they should be taken. This kind of storage is short term but can be very helpful especially in cases where you are supposed to move out of your current home urgently.

– Residential and long distance transportation; the actual transportation of goods from one place to another is the primary reason why you are hiring the mover in the first place and therefore everything else that they do will make very little sense to you if they are not able to provide you with this particular service. We have all the vehicles and equipment needed to successfully transport all of your things to their final destination and not only get them there but do so within the shortest time possible. For residential relocation, that is relocation within a radius of 100 miles from the point of collection, we guarantee that all the goods will be delivered at their destination within a maximum of 24 hours. Long distance deliveries will depend on the actual distance over which the goods are to be transported but the estimated time of delivery will be communicated to you even before your goods are collected by our crew members.

– Safe transportation and guaranteed delivery; the best Los Angeles movers must be able to guarantee that your things will be delivered in perfect condition when they get to where they are being taken. This is exactly the kind of guarantee that we at GETMOVED give to all our clients. Once you hand over your goods to us for transportation at the collection point, they become our responsibility and we are liable for anything that happens to them during transportation. This means that if anything unexpected should happen and lead to damage or loss of your goods while they’re under our care, you will be entitled to full compensation according to the terms outlined in our compensation plan.

– Auto transportation; if you are moving out of Miami to a distant city or if you need to get to your new home in the shortest time possible, it might not be possible for you to drive your own car to that destination. At the same time, you still want to be able to drive that car once you get to the new destination. If that describes you, then you will be happy to know that at GETMOVED will also provide an auto transportation service. This means you can fly to where you are going secure in the knowledge that your car will be brought to you by our expert Los Angeles movers.

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